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About our Company

A dedicated craftsman with over 30 years experience as a metal polisher, who loves smoking metal tobacco pipes has combined these 2 passions into dk Metal Pipes.
In addition, we manufacture custom parts and accessories for metal/aluminum tobacco pipes. Our "Get Bent" adapters convert straight pipes into full bent pipes! We now have Vulcanite bent stems/bits and bowl screws available as well.
If you are looking to turn your dingy metal pipe into a shiny work of art again, please contact us for restoration information.


It takes time and precision to restore vintage metal pipes. The cleaning process alone can take up to a week or more to properly clean and sanitize to remove the years of tar and gunk build-up.
Briar bowls are all hand sanded for removal of past cake build-up and to restore the briar to as close to new as possible. The tops of the bowls are then hand rubbed with a coat of gloss tung oil.
The Aluminum shanks/body of the pipes are hand polished on a buffer to a better than new, mirror bright shine. Our polishing work is second to none!
The vulcanite mouth piece/bits are sanded by hand as required and final buffed on a buffing wheel to a beautiful luster.
Any knurling a pipe requires is hand restored to as close to new as possible.
This complete process results in a beautifully restored, better than new, vintage aluminum tobacco pipe.
We accept Credit Cards and Apple Pay
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