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Very rare, hard to find, 2nd Gen restored Lady Kirsten MADE IN U.S.A.- X

This is a Straight 5/16 inch ID, 3-1/2 inch long shank Kirsten Tobacco pipe that has been cleaned and restored. Although not perfect, it is still a nice example of a truly rare Kirsten. 


This pipe is different than any other Kirsten made. All Kirsten's came in 3 inner diameter sizes. 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch and 1/2 inch. This pipe has an inner diameter of 5/16 inch. Therefore, no parts off of any other Kirsten will fit onto this pipe. The end valve is of a completely different design, made to be easier to grab, as this pipe was marketed to ladies. 


There is a lot of misinformation on the web about this pipe. Some people said it was made of brass, it is not, it is made of aluminum like all other Kirstens. It is thought it only came anodized in gold, it did not. It was also sold completed polished aluminum. I had one years back that was anodized pink. They also came like this one, anodized gold with all of the fittings polished. Also anodized gold with all of the fittings black. The pipe used a different bit (same bit as on a Kirsten cigarette holder). It uses a different size bowl adapter (bowl cup) that was smaller than the standard Kirsten bowl adapter/bowl cup. 


Left side of aluminum body is stamped "KIRSTEN". Bottom is stamped MADE IN U.S.A.- X.


The aluminum body has no scratches or dents although there is some wear through the anodizing. Please look caredully at the photots. Some slight wear through in the anodizing. 


The vulcanite stem is the same one Kirsten used on there cigarette holders and is perfect.  

The bowl is a beautiful grain and has been hand sanded to like new inside, although there is a crack in the bowl cup on the bottom of the bowl.  This bowl cup is different than all of the other Kirsten bowl cups. It is smaller and next to impossible to find. A standard Kirsten bowl will not fit onto this pipe. 

Has correct original box and pipe sock, tape marks on box no split corners. see last photo.

End cap/valve is very nice.


Length: 5-1/4 inches. Bowl height-bottom of bowl to top of bowl: 7/8 inch. Bowl width at widest point: 1-3/16 inches. Chamber width: 3/4 inch. depth: approx. 3/4 inch.


Shipping: Will be shipped within 2 business days of payment. Item will be packed VERY carefully to assure it arrives in the same condition it is in now.



SKU: 880
  • No refunds or returns. Please look at photos carefully as they are a big part of the description. If you have questions please contact us before purchasing.

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